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Anna is Fabulous! She is reliable, the dogs love her, she communicates well, and she does a great job. (Also my daughter loves her…bonus!).

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I am writing to share my experience with Anna Rita Walsh, who has given exceptional care to my dog, Haulie, from 2009-2016. I met Anna shortly after she began sitting for a neighbor, Dr. Lauren Ehrlichman’s dog, Tess, in 2008. Tess, at the time was a “senior” and had cardiac issues. My dog is now a “senior” and has seizures and other health issues. You could not ask for a more attentive, thoughtful, patient and loving pet sitter. I was looking for someone to help care for my special needs dog; he had been abused and needed a pet-sitter with special skills. When I first met Anna, I liked her right away because she had a calm and peaceful nature. She listened intently to what I had to say about my beloved dog, and she took detailed notes and asked many questions. She seemed genuinely interested in my concerns and was willing to work with me to meet all of Haulie’s needs. She is very sincere, professional, organized and interested! As she described the services she offered and the cost of additional services; she explained how her many years of experience led her to conduct her business in such a way. In addition, she presented a well-ordered and resourceful folder which recapped her services, costs, policies and had miscellaneous pet tips; the information was clear, concise and very handy. In the years that Anna has cared for my dog, I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She is also very accommodating with changes in my travel plans. She always returns my phone calls and texts promptly. Some of my neighbors have told me they have seen her with Haulie on long walks around the neighborhood. She always leaves a note about her visit and interactions with Haulie, and she always emails several cute pictures during her time with him. I love my dog very much, and it was very important to me to find just the right person who would grow to love him and help him feel safe and loved when I was away from home; Anna does this. I feel that she truly cares about animals, and is genuinely concerned about their physical and emotional well-being. This is not merely a job for Anna, it is a calling, a strong urge or devotion toward a particular purpose in life. Without hesitation, I highly recommend her! [Copied from Angie’s List review]

Renee McIntosh, Ann Arbor


Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, MichiganAnna stayed at our home over the Christmas holidays and watched our very spoiled dog. I must say that our house was in better shape when we returned from our trip than when we left it in our haste to get to the airport! Our dog was so happy … and far less needy than we left her with other pet sitters. I know that Annarita gave her a lot of love and attention, and kept her on her usual schedule.

Anna stayed in touch with us via email and phone throughout our week of vacation, which really put my mind at ease.

Even after our return, she called us to make sure that our connections worked out and that we were back in town with our dear pet. Annarita did everything she promised, plus more.

Annarita is honest, dependable, and goes the extra mile. Without hesitation, I would recommend her as a pet sitter.

-Charlotte O’Connor, Dexter

Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, Michigan

We moved from Indiana with our pack of four dogs who were used to having many acres to run and play and grandparents to watch over them when we traveled. We knew no one in our new state so we were so lucky to find Mrs. Doolittle’s! [now Wag More] Annarita takes all four of our dogs for afternoon walks two times per week and for overnight stays. We couldn’t be more pleased with her service. Annarita can handle our pack of 4 very different dogs with ease. They all look forward to their special time with their new friends at Mrs. Doolittle’s. It is so comforting to know that if we have to work late or go out of town our pack will be taken care of. We highly recommend Mrs. Doolittle’s to all pet parents!

-Angelina and Nathaniel Siders, Whitmore Lake

Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, Michigan
We have a territorial, 12-year-old tortoiseshell cat, Tesla, who becomes very aggressive when she is displeased. It was a challenge finding a pet caretaker who could tolerate Tesla’s mood swings and grumpiness until we found Annarita three years ago. Through her patience and compassion, she won Tesla’s trust, something we didn’t think would be possible for any pet sitter.

Annarita pays close attention to every detail, is extremely thorough, communicates frequently with us, and goes beyond what we ask of her, such as putting out trash, leaving the outdoor lights on for us, and welcoming us home with flowers. Tesla is calmer and more relaxed when we arrive home than she has been with any other caretaker. I would highly recommend Annarita, “Mrs. Doolittle,” to any pet owner, especially those with persnickety pets!

-Lee Harle, Ann Arbor

Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, Michigan

While Anna Rita advertises that she offers pet sitting services, she is, in fact, more like an elf! Not only is my cat content, well-fed, and groomed upon my return, but my plants are still alive and my rubbish container has been restored to its proper place, rather than hanging out at the bottom of the drive, announcing my absence. I have complete confidence in Anna Rita’s skill and dependability. I count Mrs. Doolittle’s Pet Sitting Service among my “best finds” in the Ann Arbor area.

-Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Ann Arbor

Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, Michigan

My husband and I moved to Ann Arbor with our cat, Loki, in 2006 to work at the University of Michigan. Academia requires plenty of travel. Since we have no kids, Loki is our “baby.” I was worried that nobody would care for him as we do, including giving him his daily medication, walks on his leash, and lots of play and cuddles.

Thankfully, we found Annarita! During our introductory visit, she was genuinely excited to get to know Loki, with all of his quirks. It surprised me on our first trip that Annarita regularly emailed us with updates and pictures of Loki. Now when we travel I look forward to this very thoughtful service. My mind is at ease, knowing that Annarita is keeping Loki on his regular schedule, and giving him all the love we would give him, as well as keeping our house clean and secure.

One day our flight was delayed and we forgot to call her to reschedule her services. When Annarita arrived promptly at her scheduled time, Loki actually ran to the door to greet her, a show of affection he reserves for very few people. Loki started playing with Annarita and scarcely noticed when I left the house to head for the airport! This proves she has become part of his “family.”

Annarita truly has a passion and a gift for working with animals and their human companions; she is responsive, reliable, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy their travels knowing that their pet and home are extremely well cared for.

-Jodi Oliver & Dean Bavington, formerly of Ann Arbor

Wagmore Pet Care Ann Arbor, Michigan
“You not only provide a very needed service but you do it in a confident and assuring manner!”

-Jane Hayes, Ann Arbor

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