Yesterday’s News

Cats, pets, kitty litterFor those people with cats, what kind of litter do you use? I’ve tried every brand imaginable. But the one I have found that works best is Yesterday’s News made from recycled newspaper.
Here are a few reasons it works best for me.
  1. The air stays fresh when scooping (dust free)
  2. The air isn’t poisoned with nasty smelling perfumes
  3. The area around the litter box stays free of tracking and dust left from cat’s feet.
  4. Easy to scoop with special scooper.
  5. Most of the litter is saved when scooping because the peices don’t stick like clay and fall back off into the litter box.
There are all kinds of litters out there and some are pretty cleverly produced according to customer wants. I’ve tried just about every one of them but only one brand satisfies all of my cat litter concerns.
Formulas using silicon, special odor eating compounds, clumping, perfumed and dozens of others are popular right now. But I prefer Yesterday’s News and my cats don’t seem to mind it one┬ábit.