Getting Winterized

My Auto mechanic suggested I visit Discount Tires for new wheels to fit my old snow tires. The wheels that came with the used car I purchased a few months ago, were not the ones that were on the car when it was new. These current tires were narrower and wheels larger, meant to make the car look “cool”.

The wheels I just purchased at Discount, aren’t standard for my car either, since I purchased them to match the old winter tires from my old Chevy that I no longer own. So I’m using my winter tires from a Chevy on my Honda. I can’t believe they were able to fit it. My car actually rides nicer now, and I’m all ready for our first snow storm, whenever that may be.

Also, I had a great time visiting with some of my little animals today, including, Lavendar, the bunny. She is such a sweetheart and growing in more soft fur to keep her warm for the coldness that is in store. 

I didn’t nearly accomplish all I planned for this summer, but I’m happy fall is upon us and winter is speedily on its way.

This will be my first fall in my “new to me” home and I’m finding it a beautiful place to experience Autumn, as temperatures drop.

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