The Ideal Cat

Sparky has never been a high maintenance cat. When he was a kitten, he favored packing peanuts to expensive toys when his play instincts kicked in. I’ve purchased and set up elaborate cat bed for he and Miso but they would nestle anywhere but where I laid them out after peeing on the intended cat beds.

Today is no different. One of my neighbors left out a perfectly good dog bed near the dumpster as giveaway. So I pulled it in and, without washing it, threw it on my covered sofa on chance that one of my cats might like it.

When I came home, I found Sparky sprawled out all over the salvaged bed, dog smells and who knows what else still emanating from it. I’m delighted that I was finally able to provide a place for Sparky to sprawl. My heart is bursting.

Cold and Rainy Out

Rain and 37 Degrees makes for challenging walking. It is my least favorite weather. I’d rather have it below zero, then I bundle up and enjoy the time with my dog friends. Most don’t seem to mind the cold and many have little coats and boots. Cute!

Today I was fortunate to have mostly kitty visits. I am overnighting for a few days so I do need to get my pups out for a good walk a few times a day. Luckily I have very good rain gear, including good rain boots. But still, it is not my favorite type of weather to be out in.

Tomorrow will be better. Still cold, but no rain is expected.

Good Friends

It was a gorgeous fall day, great for walking doggies. I had two longer walks and one short. There was one dog walk cancellation and and then two vacation visits. That is pretty much a full eight hour day when you factor in driving and administrative work.

Later in the day, I was able to visit my good friend, Jane, who recently celebrated her birthday. It is always a treat to converse with her about what is going on in our lives. She always brings a great perspective and appreciates my take on some of her ponderings. We don’t see each other often because of our opposite schedules, but when we do, it is like no time had passed since our last meeting.

I feel blessed to have such a wonderful friend who lives near, and am grateful for all of my animal friends, as well. 

Getting Winterized

My Auto mechanic suggested I visit Discount Tires for new wheels to fit my old snow tires. The wheels that came with the used car I purchased a few months ago, were not the ones that were on the car when it was new. These current tires were narrower and wheels larger, meant to make the car look “cool”.

The wheels I just purchased at Discount, aren’t standard for my car either, since I purchased them to match the old winter tires from my old Chevy that I no longer own. So I’m using my winter tires from a Chevy on my Honda. I can’t believe they were able to fit it. My car actually rides nicer now, and I’m all ready for our first snow storm, whenever that may be.

Also, I had a great time visiting with some of my little animals today, including, Lavendar, the bunny. She is such a sweetheart and growing in more soft fur to keep her warm for the coldness that is in store. 

I didn’t nearly accomplish all I planned for this summer, but I’m happy fall is upon us and winter is speedily on its way.

This will be my first fall in my “new to me” home and I’m finding it a beautiful place to experience Autumn, as temperatures drop.

Yesterday’s News

Cats, pets, kitty litterFor those people with cats, what kind of litter do you use? I’ve tried every brand imaginable. But the one I have found that works best is Yesterday’s News made from recycled newspaper.
Here are a few reasons it works best for me.
  1. The air stays fresh when scooping (dust free)
  2. The air isn’t poisoned with nasty smelling perfumes
  3. The area around the litter box stays free of tracking and dust left from cat’s feet.
  4. Easy to scoop with special scooper.
  5. Most of the litter is saved when scooping because the peices don’t stick like clay and fall back off into the litter box.
There are all kinds of litters out there and some are pretty cleverly produced according to customer wants. I’ve tried just about every one of them but only one brand satisfies all of my cat litter concerns.
Formulas using silicon, special odor eating compounds, clumping, perfumed and dozens of others are popular right now. But I prefer Yesterday’s News and my cats don’t seem to mind it one bit.